Seeing white

Whilst anxiously awaiting the arrival of my extravagant copic marker order, I’m practising with just five colours. I’m torn between the bright, clean look of the markers and the soft feel of watercolours and gouache. More testing and practise needed with both before I can make any decisions on the direction of my work.

In the mean while, here’s a quick, half-finished copic girl looking into the distance contemplating a difficult, life-altering decision – or possibly just posing for the camera.

White outfit copic marker fashion drawing

Revolve top to toe


This illustration is fully inspired by an image on the Revolve website. I love the labels they carry and am often on the website drooling over their hot list. It helps that their models always look incredible and have beautifully styled hair. I’m loving the tousled half-topknot on this lady.

She’s wearing a Kendall+Kylie trench and a Nytt cropped top underneath. The shoes are by Joe’s jeans and on sale now. This is a great transitional look, although you might need to swap the shoes for something more weather-appropriate.